Author: Chet Ramsteak

PBS Finds The Female Gamer Demographic Nothing More Than A Clever Government Hoax

Gamer Girl Thumbnail

“If that’s so, explain why my girlfriend likes playing video games!?” | Arlington, Virginia – The Public Broadcasting Service, PBS, finds that the “female gamer” demographic, is nothing more than a clever government hoax started to soothe the burning loins of…

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Game Grumps Animated – Toad’s Voice

Game Grumps Animated - Toad's Voice Thumbnail

Toad has such an obnoxious voice.

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If Mario Dies on the Cover of Super Mario Bros., Does That Mean You’re Playing As His Ghost?

Mario Dies On the Cover

“If I Game Over, does that make Mario the ghost of a ghost?” | Nintendo seems to love to mess with its consumers, evidenced by endless self references to its own games and a particularly cheeky social media manager (likely Shiggy himself).

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Super Mario Odyssey Parody (Animation)

Super Mario Odyssey Parody Thumbnail

“Super Mario Odyssey Parody (Animation)” by ArcadeCloud, via YouTube.

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